Shades of colour

Via Pinterest

The great thing about colour is that you you can play around with different shades of the same colour group.  Here are two examples of using a colour in different tones (light & dark) that make a fabulous statement.

Via Pinterest

This nursery has a beautiful colour palette and it is very gender neutral.  You could add a touch of pink as they have done or a little more blue.  The graduated colour looks amazing on the drawers.

Martha Stewart


I LOVE these stairs…. They were featured on Martha’s website and I fell head over heels.  I really hope to be able to do this for a client one day as I dont have a staircase {if I did, I would have painted them like this in a heartbeat}.

Rule of thumb is to work out how many colours you need (as in 5 drawers or group together 2 rails each). Then pick a colour family (say greens or blues etc) and most colours will have enough tones from lightest to dark.  Dulux paint is a great choice for a project like this because most of their colours have 9 shades. I would also recommend buying the sample pots if you don’t need a gloss finish.


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