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Exterior colour schemes can either make or break your home’s visual appeal . I believe that choosing the right colour for the exterior of your home is the most challenging paint job EVER!! That’s why doing exterior consults are my all time favourite. It is critical to get it just right.

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Painting the exterior of your home should requires the same amount of time and energy you would spend on decision of doing say a $20,000 renovation project, or a new kitchen. If you are hiring a professional painter then chances are its going to easy be a $15-30k job. That’s an expensive mistake to get the colour wrong and believe me I see so many homeowners who are desperate to right a wrong outcome.

I am going to create a new series of posts all about exterior colour. Break it down in to the important things you should know about exterior colours & materials if you are planning, renovating or building.

I hope you enjoy this series.

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